Dr. Aretha Wilson has served as Sr. Pastor of KAGM for over 12 years

- Dr. Aretha Wilson

Who We Are

Kingdom Ambassadors Global Ministries (KAGM) is an Apostolic Center whose heartbeat is to evangelize the unbeliever and to equip the believer to fulfill his or her God given destiny and purpose through the Word of God. Dr. Aretha Wilson has served as Sr. Pastor of KAGM for over 12 years. KAGM was formally known as Humble Heart Fellowship Ministries, originally founded by her late parents, Pastor Frederick and Mother Annie Wilson in 1970.

This ministry was later expanded and developed by Dr. Wilson into what is now known as Kingdom Ambassadors Global Ministries. KAGM is a place where the uncompromised teaching of the Word of God, Prayer, and the Worship experience will provoke growth, maturity, and a closer relationship with the Lord. Known as a place of refuge for healing, deliverance, and restoration, KAGM is a place to encounter God and experience change. It is our intent through Prayer and Worship to sustain an atmosphere where God can manifest his presence which results in the prophetic move and a demonstration of miracles, signs, and wonders. All those who come with an open heart of expectation will be challenged by the Word, receive breakthroughs by the anointing, and transformed by the power of God.

Our Mission

To transform and equip lives through the Word of God to advance the Kingdom of God. Our VISION: To Bring Them In, Build Them Up, Train Them Up, and Send Them Forth

Our Vision

  • To Worship God
  • To Perfect the Saints (Ministry)
  • To Evangelize (Share the Good News)
  • To Baptize New Believers (Fellowship)
  • To Teach Obedience to Gods’ Word (Discipleship)
  • To Financially Support the Building of God’s Kingdom (Stewardship)